aluminium strip for Aluminium Conservatories

The conservatory is a popular addition to homes around the world and in particular in colder climates. Conservatories began their existence in the 1700s as Dutch farmers looked to find ways of protecting their plants during the colder winter months. These early greenhouse structures evolved not only into the common garden greenhouse but also the conservatories we see today. The original concept in all probability did not have in mind the idea of creating a transitional space between the dwelling and the out of doors. Of course the initial idea behind those who created the first versions of conservatories was to provide a means to prolong the life of plants during the chill of the northern European winter months.

aluminium strip for Aluminium Conservatories
aluminium strip for Aluminium Conservatories

Today the equivalent commercial greenhouses are typically made of aluminium strip, whilst the manufacture of aluminium has been slow to progress. However, in recent years as technology has progressed, aluminium strip for aluminium conservatories have become a serious rival to the PVCu conservatories so popular since the 1970s. The New Generation aluminium strip for Aluminium conservatory has a strong slim frame which lends itself perfectly to the sleek lines and rectangular design of Edwardian conservatories.
The modern aluminium strip can compete against the major strengths of its PVCu rival and indeed the finishes are so advanced these days the timber conservatories are also threatened. A major consideration is security and this is one area that aluminium strip comes out on top over PVCu. Aluminium frames do not need the large expansion gaps that PVCu frames have and which can be a weak point vulnerable to a would be intruder.
In the main, aluminium strip for aluminium conservatories are versatile, strong and durable as an extension to the home. The increasing popularity has meant that in recent years it is much easier to find a capable supplier and builder that can readily construct a versatile and durable aluminium strip for aluminium conservatory. By working with the most reliable people in the task of designing and building an aluminium conservatory, it is possible to create a spectacular addition to the home that will solidly stand the test of time. Although it could be argued that a conservatories looks it best when made of timber, there can be no doubt that the aluminium version is preferable to the PVCu conservatories that became so popular towards the end of the twentieth century.

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