aluminum strips for cookie cutters

aluminum foil strip for cookie cutters
aluminum foil strip for cookie cutters

How to make cookies with aluminum foil strip?
With aluminum foil strip and transparent glue can make cookies mold! Copper or aluminum cake pans are no longer needed. This article is to be creative in the house, but still want to make the gingerbread man the slackers.
If you don’t have any aluminum foil strip, maybe your neighbor will. Tell them it’s for making cookies (and cookies for use!) You may make new friends.


Fold aluminum foil strip into any shape you want. The longer the aluminum foil, the thicker the fold. Try to fold the aluminum foil strip  in different directions and find out the different ways to pinch the shape.

When you fold the shape you want, stick the ends together. The adhesive is handy, just make sure it’s clean. You can use ordinary transparent glue.

Small tips
If you need more stable, in the shape of the surface and then a layer of aluminum foil helps keep its stability. Watch out for some “real” cookies – Watch out for the belt or handle.
Want to make a real big model? Good idea! You can stick a lot of aluminum foil together.
If not strong enough, you can directly cut aluminum foil pan edge, and tape.

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