The Difference between the aluminum strip Ceiling and aluminum PVC strip

aluminum PVC strip and aluminum strip Ceiling  profile if damaged update is very convenient, as long as the end of the first block is removed, the plate-by-block extracted from the press, by replacing the damaged board with a new board, and then reinstall the pressure is good layering.

aluminum PVC strip and aluminum strip Ceiling

Aluminum gusset plate is divided into two kinds of sound-absorbing panels and decorative. Because of poor thermal insulation properties of the metal plate, in order to obtain a certain sound absorption, thermal insulation function, the choice of the aluminum strip Ceiling decoration, you can use within plus wool, a lot of owners in the choice of kitchen balcony aluminum strip Ceiling materials are encountered The same problem, Lvkou and aluminum strip Ceiling, in the end what is the difference between the two? How to choose a more environmentally friendly and more economical?
Following on current market conditions, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages Lvkou and aluminum strip Ceiling:
Ceiling material after ten years of development, technology is constantly updated, the first generation product is gypsum board, mineral wool board; second generation PVC; third-generation products are aluminum strip Ceilings.
aluminum strip Ceiling by the second generation of the improvement comes ceiling material PVC, also known as UPVC, aluminum strip Ceiling price advantage is relatively low, noise insulation performance, rich colors, making easy to install. But low-intensity aluminum strip Ceiling, easy to distort, environmental (UPVC can not be recycled) poor weather, it will release toxic gases when burned. There are several points to note that the steel plate is not the harder the better, because although some hard, but very brittle, you can take samples breaking a breaking; but relatively soft board is again whether the police anti-recycled materials (regenerative material prices tend to be very low), so it’s best to find some well-known manufacturers orders; generally speaking, the same material of the board, double than a single layer of rigid or anti-distortion aspect would be better.
aluminum strip Ceiling Lvkou come from behind again, Lvkou is new decorative materials emerged in recent years, it has a light, water-resistant, not cleaning, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, easy to install, stereoscopic, soft colors and beautiful generous and so is completely environmentally friendly materials, welcomed by users. Surface treatment is divided into spray, roller, film, fluorocarbon, titanium and so on.

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