Electronic aluminum foil definition and application

Electronic aluminum foil is the key raw material for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, so it is also be called as electric capacitor aluminum foil or aluminum foil for electric capacitor. Electronic aluminum foil is a little different from the aluminum foil on the capacitors because it need to be processed before applied on electric capacitors.

electronic aluminum foil

After the aluminum material is processed into aluminum foil, it is subjected to surface etching treatment and reoxidation treatment, and then winding process is performed to produce capacitor. The aluminum foils before and after the etching treatment are called light foils and etching foils, respectively, the re-oxidized aluminum foils are called final aluminum foils. Electronic aluminum foil refers to the light foil before etching treatment. Together with the electrolyte, it accounts for 30%-70% of the raw material cost of aluminum electrolytic capacitors (different with the size of the capacitors). It can store electrical energy and can also be used as the positive and negative electrodes of electrolytic capacitors. At present, the electric aluminum foil is the main aluminum products used in electric industry, we can find that 3003 and 8011 aluminum foil is the ideal alloy for making aluminum electronic capacitors.

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