How to wrap food in aluminium foil

How to wrap food in aluminium foil? The aluminium wrapping foil is divided into glossy surface and matte surface. The glossy surface can better absorb external heat and help food to be heated evenly. When you wrap food, the matte surface should be in contact with food, so that the heat is evenly distributed on the surface of the food, shortening the cooking time.

Aluminum foil has the functions of heat preservation, waterproof, sealing and conduction. In addition to helping food to be evenly heated and preventing food from scorching during cooking such as grilling and baking, it can also play a role in cold storage, sealing, heat preservation, and separation of heat sources. It is also indispensable for barbecue in the wild.

aluminium wrapping foil

In addition, some meat dishes are prone to oil fume or scorch during cooking. Aluminum foil wrap can also solve the problem and avoid the generation of harmful substances. Tin foil is like a mysterious coat, which envelops the nutrients and moisture in the ingredients. The moment when the foil is cut with a knife, the aroma is tangy.

Aluminium wrapping foil paper can withstand high temperatures of about 400 to 600 degrees Celsius, so whether it is boiled, oven or charcoal roasted, there is basically no need to worry too much about the risk of elution of heavy metals.

Is aluminium foil safe to wrap food? Yes. However, the Food and Drug Administration reminded that acidic materials will erode the aluminum wrap foil. It is recommended that the ingredients be cooked and removed before adding acidic substances such as vinegar, lemon, tomato sauce, etc. In addition, if the surface of the aluminum foil is scratched, it is recommended to replace it with new products.

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