What if I accidentally ate aluminum foil

  Recyclable aluminum foil rolls take up a great share in our kitchens and hospitals. We use them to wrap foods for cooking and package pills for safe keeping. Owing to the high frequency of which we get in contact with them, there are times when we accidentally ate aluminum foil and get panic, worrying about all kinds of imaginable results, all of which negative. In fact, don’t worry about this situation. Human body does not absorb aluminium foil paper. The swallowed aluminum foil can be discharged into the intestine with the peristalsis of the intestine, and then discharged from the body through the intestine.

  What if I accidentally ate aluminum foil?

  1. Eat scrambled eggs with leeks appropriately to promote discharge.

  2. Eat some vegetables to promote bowel movements and excrete.

  3. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more warm water, this will help swallowed aluminium foil expelled from the body as soon as possible

  4. Eat more crude fiber foods, mainly light semi-liquid food.

  5. Eat small meals frequently.

  6. Go to see the doctor in case of serious uncomfortable feelings.

aluminum foil

  Q&A about eating aluminum foil

  1. Will swallowed aluminum foil scratch the gastrointestinal mucosa?

  The surface of the human digestive tract is mucous membranes, secreting mucus, and the surface is smooth. Unless the hard objects may cause incarceration, it will be wrapped in food through the peristalsis of the stomach or intestine, and after eating it can be discharged into the peristalsis The intestine, which is excreted through the intestine, will not cause great harm. It is generally not a problem to eat aluminum foil in medicine packaging, because it is relatively soft, and the scratches may be relatively small. But it takes about 3-5 days to discharge.

  2. Will the foil stick to the stomach wall? Will it cause cancer?

  It will not stick to the stomach wall, and it will not cause cancer.

  3. Why can the aluminium foil be discharged rather than absorbed?

  Because the intestinal tract and stomach are in a high-acid and high-alkaline environment,and human body does not take this kind of material as a nutrient substance, so they will definitely soften and can be discharged. Don’t worry.

  4. Do I need to go to the hospital for treatment?

  No treatment is needed if the amount of eaten aluminium foil piece is not large. Although harmful, it has little effect. It is recommended to observe for a short period of time. If gastrointestinal discomfort occurs, you should go to the hospital for inspection.

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