Aluminum jacketing for pipe price

Haomei offer great 1060 and 3003 aluminum jacketing for pipe price which has high quality and fast production. Insulation aluminum jacketing is such an outer insulation layer used in non-living areas. Usually, we apply aluminum jacketing to the packaging of some products, because aluminum jacket is malleable and beautiful. Nowadays, our full application of aluminum products instead of iron products is due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum jacketing. And we use thermal insulation aluminum jacketing, which is applied to some pipes or the outer layer of buildings, and takes the thermal insulation effect. Of course, the use of thermal insulation aluminum jacketing as the outer layer of pipes or buildings also has good plasticity because of its ductility, and because of its corrosion resistance, it can adapt to the environment and has good practicability.

aluminum jacketing for pipe price

In terms of economy, thermal insulation aluminum jacketing is also preferred. Compared with other metal skins, the insulation aluminum jacket can be thinner for the same area, thus saving economic costs. In terms of environmental protection, thermal insulation aluminum jacketing for pipe will not be corroded by common materials and release toxic and harmful gases, so it will not pollute the air, soil, or water sources. The quality standard of aluminum jacketing for pipeline should be in line with ASTM B209, the temper is H14, which can be laminated with kraft paper, poly film and so on.


Buildings and underground pipelines need thermal insulation aluminum jacketing, especially for thermal insulation surfaces with long laying distances, path environments and diverse soils. The use of thermal insulation aluminum jacketing can meet the characteristics of economy and weather resistance. Real insulation products need to be able to maintain high temperatures without falling, and also need to be able to ensure that low temperatures do not rise. Insulation aluminum pipe jacketing is such a kind of used in some fields that have more accurate requirements for temperature. It can keep the high temperature and the low temperature from rising, but in terms of aluminum jacketing for pipe price, practicability, usability, economy, even aesthetics, and environmental protection, it is an excellent insulation material.

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