5083 Marine Aluminum Sheet Metal Market is Wide

5083 marine aluminum sheet metal used for marine is a typical series 5 of aluminum magnesium alloy marine aluminum sheet metal. Research data shows that 5083 aluminum sheet metal with the addition of proper amount of silicon has a good corrosion inhibition to prevent the dissolution of aluminum alloy in NACL, and greatly extended its service life. This is also the main reason why the 5083 aluminum sheet metal is suitable for use in the marine transport industry.
With the reviving of the global shipping market, short of shipping ability, and the call of the national policy, in the “fifteen” period, the state decide to strengthen support for the development of shipbuilding industry, so that the shipbuilding industry could developrapidly.
The average annual growth rate is 28%, and shows an accelerating trend. The growth rate is much higher than that of South Korea and japan. With the rapid development of China shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding industry requires marine aluminum sheets metal of high quality, but there are a few companies which can reach the standard.
Marine aluminum sheet metal are mainly as follows: 5083, 5282, 5086, 5454,etc.. 5083 aluminum plates made by Henan Haomei Aluminum has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, welding property and medium strength, and reach the standards of marine transportation industry. Our products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and establish a strict quality control system.
5083 marine aluminum sheet metal made by Henan Haomei Aluminum has been recognized by customers home and abroad, therefore, many customers working on shipbuilding are attracted to find our company. With the technical strength, the advanced production equipment, etc. The company will open up a broader market outlook in the 5083 marine aluminum sheet metal.

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