Great Potential in Automotive Aluminum Sheet Metal

Among the whole aluminum sheet metal market, automotive aluminum sheet metal belongs to high end aluminum with advanced technology. At present, only parts of enterprises are engaged in automotive aluminum sheet metal processing (including door and body of cars). Besides, in China, automotive aluminum sheet metal is a shortage in aluminum processing industry. There is still a great lag between China and developed countries. However, this situation is gradually been crushed.
According to the analysis of experts, as the light weight is a trend in automotive, the demands for both thin aluminum sheet metal and thick aluminum plate will be larger and larger. Presently, the development of automotive is still lag behind. So it is predicted that automotive aluminum sheet metal has great potential in the future.
In China, Zhongwang Aluminum, Shouthwest Aluminum, Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., etc. These are some famous and large scale company in China with good comprehensive strength in aluminum industry. They pay high attention to aluminum sheet metal for automotive field and try their best to grasp this opportunity and make some achievement in this field.
The aluminum rolling project of Zhongwang Aluminum, the “1+1 Hot Rolling Production Line” of Haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., all of these projects show their ambitions for this year 2016. These aluminum sheet metal projects are examples that Chinese aluminum industries are marching towards high end field. These high end fields, such as automotive, ships, marine, railway transit, etc. will not only bring great profit to markets at home and broad, but also improve the production of automotive aluminum sheet metal in China.
As an eco-friendly material, aluminum sheet metal has its advantages.
Firstly, 60% of automotive aluminum sheet is recyclable.
Secondly, aluminum is light in weight, so it can be used in many part of automotive, for example, body and door of cars. Besides, aluminum checker plate can also be used in automotive field to protect from slippery.

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