Measures to prevent the aluminum coil philippines from oxidation

It is well known that aluminum coil is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery area. However, aluminum coil is easily oxidized if you do not pay attention to this problem, which is a very big problem for manufacturing enterprises and users. In order to solve this problem, many people takes a lot of measures, but the effect is not so good as expect. No matter whether you are one of the clients of us or not, Haomei can tell you how to prevent the oxidation of aluminum coil philippines.

aluminum coil philippines
These matters need attention:
1. Aluminum coil storage environment should be dry, bright, ventilated, non-corrosive climate.
2. Aluminum coil should be prevent from the rain and snow.
3. Strengthen the management of rolling oil, control the water content under 0.04%.
4. Aluminum roll packing should be sealed, at the same time the right amount of desiccant should be put into per roll of aluminum coil.
5. When transited from the low temperature zone to high temperature, high humidity area, don’t open the seal packing immediately.
6. Packing wooden shaft, box board humidity should be less than 18%, aluminum coil packaging temperature should be less than 45 ℃.
7. During the storage of aluminum coil, chemical materials and wet materials are prohibited to be stored together.

According to all theses attention aspects, you can prevent the aluminum coil from oxidation effectively. The surface of aluminum coil will be bright as before and the using period of aluminum coil will be longer. Maybe we can say it is a method of maintenance. If you are searching for aluminum coil or you already have bought aluminum coil philippines, you can follow these steps, if you still have other questions about the aluminum coil, you can get in touch with our sales manager, they are willing to solve your problems, with Haomei as you supplier, you do not need to worry about the oxidation and other problems of aluminum coil philippines again!

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