Content and Application of 5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet
5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet is the main alloy among the 5 series aluminum alloy. The Magnesium content is between 2.2% and 2.8%. 5052 aluminum sheet features good wear resistance and welding performance and easy to process forming. Under the annealed state, 5052 aluminum sheet has good plasticity, high hardening rate. Under the hard state, has low plasticity. Magnesium element plays an important role in the Solid solution strengthening of 5052 aluminum sheet.

The Content of 5052 Aluminum Sheet:

Silicon 0.25

Copper 0.10

Magnesium 2.2-2.6

Zinc 0.10

Manganese 0.10

Chromium 0.15-0.35

Iron 0.40

Tensile strength of 5052 aluminum sheet is 170-350MPa and annealing temperature is 345 degrees Celsius. There will be different mechanical performance under different state of hardening and heat rolling. Compared with 1000 series pure aluminum sheet, the tensile strength of 5052 aluminum sheet is 210-230, and the hardness will be higher than 1060 aluminum sheet.

The Application of 5052 Aluminum Sheet:

5052 aluminum sheet alloy is widely used in some machinery, automobiles, accessories and other industries. With the development of various industries, 5052 aluminum sheet is also in a bad need.

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