Good Formability and Corrosion Resistance of 3004 Aluminum Sheet

3004 aluminum sheet
3004 aluminum sheet

As the Al-Mn alloy aluminum, the strength of 3004 aluminum sheet is higher than 3003 aluminum sheet, which features good forming performance and good welding performance. 3004 aluminum sheet is widely used to produce the Spare parts which requires high strength.

As the Al-Mn alloy aluminum, 3004 aluminum sheet is a wide use of anti-rust aluminum. The strength of 3004 aluminum sheet is lower and can not be hot rolled treatment, only to improve the mechanical property through cold rolled treatment. During the state of annealing, the 3004 aluminum sheet has good Plasticity, during the cold state, 3004 aluminum sheet has poor Plasticity. But has good corrosion resistance and welding performance.

3004 aluminum sheet has good formability, good solubility and corrosion resistance, which is used to produced the spare parts which require good plasticity, high corrosion resistance and good welding performance. The production of spare parts need high strength 3004 aluminum sheet than 1xxx series alloy aluminum sheet. 3004 Aluminum sheet is widely used in the Kitchen utensils, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, Building baffle, cable pipe, sewer, all kinds of lamps and lanterns parts, beverage cans, wave board, building materials, color aluminum plate, lamp head, etc.

The Chemical Property of 3004 Aluminum Sheet:

Al: margin;



Mg:0.8 ~ 1.3;


Mn:1.0 ~ 1.5;


Others: 0.05.

The Chemical Performance of 3004 Aluminum Sheet:

Tensile strength B (MPa):150 ~ 285

Elongation delta 10 (%):1 ~ 18

The annealing temperature is 415 DEG C

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