Introduction of 50 mm thick aluminum alloy sheet

50 mm thick aluminum sheet belongs to the thick aluminum plate aluminum sheet , used in some industrial parts, such as shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing. Thickness of aluminum sheet with alloy name plate, commonly distinction belongs to the aluminum sheet specifications, can produce 0.018 mm above all is haomei aluminum thickness of aluminum sheet , super wide super thick aluminum sheet is the main product. 50 mm thick aluminum sheet belongs to the thick aluminum sheet , 1-8 series can be made into 50 mm thick aluminum sheet , but often with 5 and 6 series products. Due to the aluminum sheet of low density, high strength characteristics, in shipbuilding, automobile manufacture and so on is very extensive application in the field of transportation.

50 mm thick aluminum alloy sheet
50 mm thick aluminum alloy sheet

Introduction of haomei 50 mm thick aluminum alloys sheet
with 5 and 6 is commonly aluminum sheet aluminum plate is given priority to, main alloy nameplate including aluminum plate of 5052 and 5083 aluminum sheet , aluminum plate and 6061 6061 5754 5454 aluminum sheet , aluminum plate 6082. 5 and 6 of the department of aluminum sheet production process is complicated, also to the requirement of equipment is higher, so the price is relatively ordinary aluminum plate. But 5 and 6 series aluminum alloy high strength, through hot rolling processing, has good workability, good corrosion resistance and welding performance, so is the best raw materials for transport to use aluminum plate.
More than 50 mm thick aluminum plate and the thickness of the aluminum plate, because of its large size is very high to the requirement of production equipment, general of small and medium-sized aluminum production equipment can not reach this kind of aluminum production standards haomei  aluminum industry to develop new markets

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