Painted aluminum sheet hot selling

The hot selling painted aluminum sheet in Haomei Aluminum are 3003 and 3004 grade with PE and PVDF coating for roofing use. It has good flatness, corrosion resistance, decoration and mechanical properties. Color coated aluminum sheet is mainly used to manufacture roof board, roof panel, curtain wall panel, interior wall decoration panel, ceiling board, honeycomb panel, heat insulation board, rolling shutter door, shutter, etc.

painted aluminum sheet

Color coated aluminum sheet has high strength, strong firmness, good rainproof performance, continuous rolling, good corrosion resistance, easy installation during construction, can be unloaded and dismantled, installation is simple, less time-consuming, low construction cost, etc. Features, widely used in the construction industry, such as: modern courtyard design, large industrial plants, modern large airports, large stadiums, prefabricated insulation sandwich panels, etc. With the development of light industry, transportation and shipbuilding, the use of color coated aluminum sheet has expanded from building materials to automobile manufacturing, ship interior decoration, household appliances, furniture, containers, cooking utensils, etc., and has become a new replacement for coated steel plates material.

Painted aluminum sheet has its own characteristics, the thickness can be made from 0.2mm-1.5mm, and its main features are aging resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, fire prevention, anti-static, sound insulation, heat insulation, sanitation and energy saving, which are national health green and environmentally friendly product advocated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This product is widely used in steel structure engineering as the inner layer of the roof panel and the inner layer of the wall panel. This product has a strong adhesion to the EPS board and is firmly fixed to the steel frame , Does not loosen, does not change shape, has strong impact resistance, large bending resistance, performance far exceeds color steel plate, and the cost is much lower than colored steel plate.

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