The Introduction of the 4×××Series Aluminum Sheet and the 5×××Series Aluminum Sheet

4×××series aluminum sheet, the representative aluminum sheet of the 4×××series is 4A01, the 4×××series aluminum sheet belongs to the series that has the high silicon content, and usually the content of the silicon is among the 4.5-6.0%, it belongs to the material for construction, mechanical parts, forging metal and welding materials, which has a character of low melting point and high corrosion resistance, besides, it can bear the hot temperature.

Aluminium Sheet
Aluminium Sheet

5×××series aluminum sheet, the representative aluminum sheet of the 5×××series is 5052, 5005,5083, 5A05, the 5×××series aluminum sheet is the commonly used alloy aluminum sheet, and the main element of it is the magnesium, the content of the magnesium is among 3-5%, which is also called the aluminum magnesium alloy. The main character of it is that it has a low density, it can bear the high tensile strength and high elongation. With the same area, the weight of the aluminum magnesium alloy is lighter than other series, so it is usually applied in the aviation aspect, such as the airplane plane oil box, and it is also widely used in the common industry. The processing technology of it is the continuous casting and rolling, which belongs to the hot rolled aluminum plate series, so it can be conducted the oxygenized deep processing, in China, the 5×××series aluminum plate is one of the mature aluminum plate series.

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