The Introduction of the Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

The color coated aluminum is to color the surface of the aluminum, which is widely used in the aluminum plastic plate, aluminum ceiling, cans, electronic products. There are many special character in the color coated aluminum, firstly, it is smooth and plain, there is no composite high pressure marks on the surface, and there is no residual stress on the board, and it is not easy to be transformed after cutting. Secondly, it is decorative, it is coated with the lines of wood and stone, giving the fresh natural beauty, and the painting on it can be determined by the clients, and it gives a rich culture connotation and more beauty sense. Secondly, it can bear the hot temperature and keep the stable shining surface, the stability is good, which can hold on for a long time.

It selects high quality aluminum, plastics and adhesives and uses the advanced composite technology. Required for products with a decorative plate bending and strength at the four seasons climate conditions, changes in air pressure, temperature, humidity, and other factors will not cause the bending, furnace or expansion.

Environmental protection: it is resistance to salt corrosion from acid rain, corrosion does not produce germs or release any toxic gases, causing no joists and fasteners corrosion, fire retardant. according to state regulations, the class of it can’t be lower than B1.

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