The Introduction of the Thickness of the Aluminum Sheet

We have introduced the aluminum sheet from different aspects in the articles before, and today we will systematically introduce the aluminum sheet for you, the first is to introduce the thickness, the aluminum sheet refers to the rectangular material of the same thickness, which is cut from the pure aluminum or the aluminum alloy material, internationally, the aluminum sheet of which the thickness is 0.2mm-500mm, and width is above 200mm, and the length is within the 16m is called the aluminum sheet or plate, the thickness that is below 0.2mm is called the aluminum foil. The width of which is below the 200mm is called the aluminum strip. (as the technology is developing, aluminum strips that have a width of 600mm is become more common).


The aluminum sheet is usually divided through two methods: according to the composition of the alloy, they are divided into the high-purity aluminum sheet (which is rolled from the pure aluminum of 99.9 purity.); the pure aluminum sheet (the basic composition is the pure aluminum);the alloy aluminum sheet (which consists of the aluminum and secondary alloy, there are usually the series of aluminum-copper, aluminum-manganese, aluminum-silicon, and aluminum-magnesium. composite aluminum sheet or welding plate that is formed through the compound of various materials) Alclad aluminum, which is a kind of aluminum sheet warped by the thin aluminum sheet. Through the thickness of it, it can be divided into the thin aluminum sheet 0.15-2.0mm, common aluminum sheet 2.0-6.0mm, the medium aluminum plate and the thick aluminum plate is 25mm-200mm. The super thick aluminum sheet is more than 200mm.


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