How to choose the supplier of plate aluminium

Now there are more and more plate aluminium manufacturers and suppliers. Facing many manufacturers with different scale of production, different product quality and reputation level, downstream manufacturers often have no way to purchase. Especially when they first purchase or turn to aluminum products, this problem is more prominent. In fact, the most important thing to choose the supplier of thick aluminum plate first is to ask yourself a simple question, which is the most important aspect to choose the supplier.

plate aluminium
Market conditions and their own needs are the most important factors that affect the choice of aluminum plate supplier. Before choosing the plate aluminum supplier, you must have a preliminary understanding of the market situation, including the basic product of the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate of the 1000-8000 series, which kind of aluminum plate is suitable for your own products, make clear the specific alloy grades and alloy tempers that you need. Generally speaking, the 1000 series pure aluminum plate is the most common plate aluminium, the processing fee is also relatively low, but the performance is not very good, 3000, 5000 and 6000 series are used commonly, 2000 and 7000 series are high-level aluminum products series. When choosing aluminum plate, it must be determined according to the specific needs of products and related costs.

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