What are The Division of Embossed Aluminum Sheet

embossed aluminum sheet
embossed aluminum sheet

Alloy Aluminum embossed sheet is the deep processing aluminum sheet products, which there are many kinds of patterns on the surface of alloy embossed aluminum sheet.

According to the Different Patterns, The Alloy Embossed Aluminum sheet can be divided into two types

1. Alloy Aluminum embossed sheet used for Decoration, including Orange peel pattern aluminum sheet, diamond pattern aluminum sheet, semi-round pattern aluminum sheet, orange peel and pearl pattern aluminum sheet.

2. Alloy aluminum embossed sheet used for slip resistance. If there are some patterns on the surface of embossed aluminum sheet, then the aluminum sheet will become the slip resistance aluminum sheet. The patterns of aluminum sheet is including five ribs pattern aluminum sheet. Another is named as the pointer pattern aluminum plate, because of the same as the pointer in the appearance of embossed aluminum sheet.

3. Other embossed aluminum sheet, these types of patterns of aluminum sheet will be customized according to the clients’ needs.

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