5052 Aluminum Sheets Production Process

5052 aluminum sheets is our main business of goods, the quality of goods and quality of service, by the vast number of new and old customers praise. Here we share about 5052 aluminum sheets production process and precautions.
5052 aluminum sheets production process through these processes: ingredients – cut – planing – cut angle – bending – group board – reinforcement – re-examination.
According to the factory received a single, the information model, specifications, color choice, after the transfer to the cutting machine to be cut before.
The first position to adjust to the required scale, the first cut a small point, the review scale is not fit with the needs of the scale, consistent with the beginning of the cut, and vice versa to adjust until the fit to stop. In the cut, the direction to be accurate. From left to right, from top to bottom, forbidden to cut; cut at the end of the check to see if it is not fit, after the plate gently clean the cleaning channel to prevent plate decoration Face damaged.
Planing slot should pay attention to the need to be processed for a single map for analysis, confirmation, stereotypes.
Cut Angle
Punching machine punching, cut angle is not allowed to go beyond the planing center line.
Be careful not to repeat the bend, up to bend twice to prevent fatigue damage.
Group board, reinforcement: the first to prepare the board of information and things, pay attention to the board process can not damage the plate finishes.
5052 aluminum sheets on the completion of the re-inspection to see if it is not in line with the manufacturing specifications, to prevent the factory to bring a bad role.

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