5052 Aluminum Sheets Technical Characteristics

⑴ forming function
① Aluminum sheets hot plastic technology outstanding. Casting and die forging temperature of 420 ~ 475 ° C, in the temperature range of deformation rate> 80% of the thermal deformation.
② Cold stamping function and the status of aluminum, annealing (O) of the cold stamping function of outstanding, H32, H34 when the situation, while the H36 / H38 situation is not good.
⑵ welding function
① the aluminum plate of the gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, seam welding outstanding function, argon arc welding showed a tendency to crystal cracks. Brazing function is still good, and soft soldering function is poor.

② weld strength and plasticity, weld strength to the base metal strength of 90% to 95%. But the weld is not high air tightness, recommended with 5A03 aluminum plate for solder, can improve its air tightness, and to eliminate the tendency of cracks.
⑶ mechanical processing function
The aluminum plate annealing conditions of the cutting function is not good, and cold hardening conditions have improved.

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