Introduction of Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum sheets is the thickness of 0.2mm to 500mm below the width of 200mm, the length of 16m or less within the aluminum material called aluminum sheets or aluminum sheet metal, 0.2mm below the aluminum sheets , 200mm width within the strip or bar (of course With the progress of large equipment, the widest can do 600mm of the row of materials are more).
Aluminum sheets is made of aluminum ingot rolling from the rectangular plate, divided into pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, thin aluminum, aluminum sheets in the thickness of aluminum.
Aluminum sheets is usually divided into two categories:
1. According to the alloy composition is divided into high-purity aluminum (from the content of 99.9 or more high-purity aluminum rolling) pure aluminum (composition basically made of pure aluminum) alloy aluminum (aluminum and auxiliary alloy, usually aluminum copper, and magnesium, and other series) composite aluminum sheets or welded plate (through a variety of materials combined means to get special use of aluminum material) aluminum (aluminum sheet coated with thin aluminum plate for special purposes).
2. The thickness is divided into: (unit mm) aluminum sheets 0.15-2.0, aluminum sheets, 2.0-6.0 aluminum sheets 6.0-25.0, aluminum sheets 25-200.
Five ribs pattern aluminum sheets five ribs pattern aluminum sheets super plate 200 or more
1. Lighting
2. Solar reflective film
3. Architectural appearance
4. Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc.
5. Furniture, cabinets
6. Elevator
7. Signs, Ming aluminum Aluminum, audio equipment, etc.
8. Aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellite, etc., such as frame
9. Household appliances: refrigerator, microwave, audio equipment, aspect.
10. Mechanical parts processing
11. Mold manufacturing
12. Chemical / insulation pipe coating.

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