Pretreatment Process of Aluminum Sheets

The aluminum sheets pretreatment technology is produced with the coating and oxidation technology. It is used for coating or anodizing technology. It is the foundation for the preparation of good coating and the production of aluminum oxide sheets. The substrate pre coated aluminum coil all in the production process of the surface will be some residual oil and lubricants, of course, may also be attached to other substances in the transport process, if not remove the grease and adhesion, coating and oxidation of aluminum will roll and impact. In addition, the surface of the clean substrate needs to be chemically treated to produce a stable conversion film, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the substrate and adhesion to the coating.
Because the aluminum pre coated wire speed faster, these conditions require pretreatment all night must be efficient, to ensure that the substrate cleaning and conversion film covering all the surface of the substrate.
The pretreatment section of aluminum sheets mainly includes hot alkali degreasing, hot water cleaning, chemical treatment and passivation treatment. Also we often say acid-base washing. After the surface has been cleaned, the next process can be anodized or coated.

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