Principle of Four Selection of Shipbuilding Aluminum Sheets

Shipbuilding aluminum sheets is one of the emerging areas of aluminum products, but also the transformation of many domestic aluminum processing enterprises focus on the direction. shipbuilding aluminum sheets is used for marine ships and other fields, so than other ordinary aluminum products, there are more stringent process requirements and performance standards.
The principle of shipbuilding aluminum sheets material selection can be divided into four aspects. First, there is a high specific strength and specific modulus, the ship’s structural strength and size and material yield strength and elastic modulus are closely related, due to the elastic modulus and density of aluminum alloy is roughly the same, the addition of alloying elements also affect the slight, So within a certain range to improve the yield strength to reduce the ship structure is strong. High strength aluminum alloys are often difficult to have excellent corrosion resistance and weldability. Therefore, marine aluminum alloy is generally medium strength, corrosion resistant welding alloy. Second, excellent welding performance.

Shipbuilding Aluminum Sheets
Shipbuilding Aluminum Sheets


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