What is the Pattern Aluminum Sheets

Pattern aluminum sheets is widely used in life, in transportation, in terms of construction, and so have a great use. Here to give you a detailed description of what kind of aluminum sheets is pattern aluminum sheets?
Brushed Aluminum
After some of the main work process de-ester, sand mill, washed, it is very special production method is repeated by the sandpaper scraping, scraping the lines of aluminum is called drawing aluminum. In the process of scraping wire we use a special anode treatment stage, is the surface of the aluminum sheets to generate a protective film, so that each of the silk marks can be clearly seen, and there is a hair shine.
Alumina Sheets
Aluminum sheets that are generally electrolytically treated are called aluminum oxide plates. The surface of the aluminum plate after the oxidation treatment will form 6-25 micron oxide layer, but some hard oxide film can be thicker.
PS Aluminum
Also known as advertising aluminum, aluminum refers to the back of 025 or 03 material of aluminum.
Mirror Aluminum
As the name suggests, mirror aluminum is after several times after grinding, the surface can be used as a mirror with the aluminum.
Embossed Aluminum
This aluminum plate in some packaging, wall stickers with more, he is rolling through the aluminum plate, the aluminum surface to produce a lot of patterns, give you a good visual experience.

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