What Problem are Aluminum Sheets Prone

Aluminum sheets discoloration, decolorization, mainly due to improper selection of plate. 3 mm protective lead plate is divided into indoor plate and outdoor plate, the two kinds of sheet surface coating is different, determines the applicable different occasions. Indoor use of the plate, the surface of the general spray resin coating, this coating can not adapt to the outdoor natural environment, if used in the outdoors, will naturally accelerate its aging process, causing discoloration bleaching phenomenon.
1, aluminum sheets open plastic, off, mainly due to improper selection of adhesives. As an ideal binder for outdoor aluminum-plastic panels, silicone adhesives have a unique advantage. Previously, China’s silicone rubber mainly rely on imports, its worth so many people discouraged, only those high-rise buildings on the expensive curtain wall project dare to ask.
2, aluminum sheets surface deformation, from the drums of those big wind works mostly appear in the facade decoration, but there are large-scale high-rise building this phenomenon.
3. In the decoration of the building surface, the plates generally have a certain width between the gap. In order to beautiful needs, generally in the gap filled with black sealant. In the glue when some construction personnel in order to save time, do not use paper tape to ensure that the plastic neatly, the rules, but the use of aluminum plastic sheets surface protective film as a substitute. As the aluminum-plastic sheets in the cutting, the protective film will produce varying degrees of tearing, so use it to do a substitute for protective tape, it is impossible to clean up the glue neatly.

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