What Should Pay Attention to When Processing Pattern Aluminum Sheets

How to process the aluminum sheets to achieve better processing results? The following can be divided into several steps:
1. Cutting: pattern aluminum sheets can be used plasma cutting, carbon arc, wheel saw a large area of ​​multi-layer pattern aluminum plate cut into the required shape. The best way is to use air or inert gas plasma arc cutting, the recommended method is to start cutting from the alloy surface. Carbon arc cutting should be cut from the substrate side. If the use of saw blades, can only be cut, you need to use silicon carbide saw blade.
2. Bend: pattern aluminum sheets can be cold forming, according to the need to bend into the required shape, or arc or round. Concave molding, alloy cracks due to inward stress will be closed; convex to shape, the crack will become larger cracking, which is the normal scene. If the cracking is too large, use the corresponding electrode for repair. Curl into a tube, according to the recommended minimum bending radius.
3. Hole: large holes can be used plasma cutting, hole recommended EDM machine. The countersunk holes for mounting bolts can be machined with plasma or carbon arc.
4. Welding: large area of ​​aluminum sheets is the base material is a good welding performance of aluminum, need two pieces of aluminum stitching, the first base metal can be welded together, and then use the corresponding surfacing electrode will fill the front Flat fill. Pattern aluminum sheets can also be welded to other steel structures.
5. Plug welding: available plasma or carbon arc gouging in the pattern of aluminum sheets openings, through the plug welding method and other steel structure connected.
6. Bolt fixation: You can use flash welding or melt welding method to weld the bolt to the base plate of the steel plate, and then connect with other parts, can also be opened in the pattern of aluminum, through the bolt and other parts connected;
7. Surface processing: pattern aluminum sheets that no processing, if you need to process, can only be grinding, other conventional methods do not apply. Pattern aluminum sheets is not suitable for applications where the surface accuracy is high.

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