Which Plate is Suitable for Mirror Aluminum Sheets

Not all of the plate are suitable for mirror aluminum sheets, for its material is required, then what is more suitable for it. Here we come to understand the different circumstances of it.
First, Pure Aluminum
Among all the plates, which is the largest amount of aluminum, so in which it contains the composition is relatively high. So the production process is relatively simple, to take into account the problem comparison Less. Then it reduces the difficulty of the process, so naturally reduce the price, this way, the purchase will increase, become the new darling of the market.
Second, Alloy Aluminum Sheets

Its series is more, but for the mirror aluminum sheets is concerned, for its series is no requirement. And its processing technology to be more complex, so in the aviation industry which will be used, painting equipment business that this plate has a high tensile strength, elongation is relatively low characteristics. So it is a mirror plate is a very good way, but also more conducive to the oxidation process.

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