Why The Shape Is Not Same Of Aluminum Checker Sheet

In fact, the pattern is not the same shape aluminum checker sheet, aluminum material is also different.
1. The compass aluminum alloy sheet pattern: non-slip aluminum plate, and five jin have the same effect, but not often.
2. Five bars aluminum tread plate: a good anti-skid capability, is widely used in construction, design and other aspects of the platform. Surface pattern is arranged in five relatively parallel embossed in accordance with, and showed 60-80 degree angle between each pattern and other patterns, so this pattern has excellent anti-slip properties. Domestic commonly used as a non-slip and with this, with good anti-slip effect, the price plus cheap.
3. Where buy aluminum plate and aluminum plate can be called a semicircle spherical decorative pattern, surface rendering a a small ball pattern, like a small pearls, so the aluminum plate can be pearl pattern aluminum plate.Mainly used in packaging.Appearance more beautiful, because of the specialty of decorative pattern, the intensity of the aluminum plate is much higher than other series of decorative pattern.
4. Other aluminum material pattern: wavy pattern sheet, the water ripples pattern aluminum sheet, corrugated pattern aluminum sheet (aluminum and can become watts), rattan screen pattern aluminum sheet, three-dimensional triangular pattern aluminum sheet, strip pattern aluminum sheet, aluminum pebbles pattern plates, aluminum tread plate pattern, triangle rib stucco embossed aluminium sheet , aluminum plates and other butterfly-shaped pattern.

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