Excellent properties of aluminium strip for sale

Aluminium strip for sale is a great product of Haomei, we have orders about aluminium strip every week. Because the excellent properties, aluminium strip has wide application and many customers. The weight and strength of the aluminum strip for sale is not high but it can be doubled by cold processing, the strength can be compared with steel by adding alloy elements and further strengthening heat treatment. The density of pure aluminum is 2700kg/m3, which is about 1/3 of iron (the density of iron is 7800kg/m3). Aluminum strip is easy to process, and it can be cast by any casting method. Aluminum strip is good in plasticity, it can be winded on the transformer.

aluminium strip for sale

The aluminum strip is corrosion resistant, and the surface of aluminum is easy to form dense and strong oxidation protective film. The protective film has good corrosion resistance to the air and water. The corrosion resistance of aluminum strip for sale can be improved by adopting protective measures. The aluminum strip has good conductivity and thermal conductivity. The conductivity and thermal conductivity of aluminum are only inferior to silver, copper and gold. Therefore, aluminum strip for transformer is applied. The reflectivity of aluminum strip is higher than 80% with white light, and aluminum has good reflectivity on infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic wave, heat radiation and so on. Therefore, the aluminum strip for lamp is applied.

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