Aluminium strip manufacturer from china

Haomei is an aluminium strip manufacturer from china, we supply 1060 1070 3003 3004 8011 aluminum strip for transformer, for lamp base, for cable and shutter. The aluminum strip needs to be straightened before leaving the factory, so that the aluminum strip has flat surface and is easy to further processing. The method aluminium strip manufacturer choose is different according to the situation of the aluminum strip.

aluminium strip manufacturer from china

Let’s take a look at the three methods of aluminium strip straightening:
1. Stretch straightening
Tension straightening is divided into two major categories: single sheet tension straightening and continuous tension straightening. Flatness and improve the efficiency of finishing and straightening. In recent years, a new process for drawing and bending straightening suitable for continuous production has been gradually developed. A dedicated continuous operation production line has been built, which has played a good role in actual production.
2. Multi-roller straightening
The process of straightening the aluminium strip with a multi-roller straightener is that the aluminum strip undergoes repeated bending to cause the strip to produce a bending plastic deformation, reducing the residual stress and residual deformation of the aluminum strip surface, so as to eliminate the wave and warpage of the strip surface.
3. Flatten and straighten
In order to make the surface of the aluminum strip bright and straight, and eliminate edge bending and waves, a flattening machine is often used in aluminium strip manufacturer from china for flattening and straightening. Due to the large diameter of the work rolls of the leveler, the surface finish is high, and the pressure during rolling is small, so that the front slip of the rolled metal is large, so that not only can make the strip straight, but also make the surface of the aluminium strip bright and beautiful.

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