Aluminum strip price is higher than aluminum coil

At the aluminum product market, we may find that the aluminum strip price is a little higher than the price of aluminum coil, many friends are confused about it because they think the aluminum strip and aluminum coil are almost the same in appearance, but in fact, they have difference. If we want to know the reason, we must know the production process and the price factors first.

aluminum strip price

In common, the process of aluminum coil and aluminum strip are the same, but the production of aluminium strip has additional step than aluminum, that is cutting to costumed width according to requirements. In other words, aluminum strip is aluminum coil finished product through the slitting machine components cut into the required width according to the purpose. As we all know that the aluminum strip price contains two aspects, the price of aluminum ingot plus the cost of process, that is too say, with same grade, temper and thickness, the price of aluminum strip is higher because the process cost is higher than aluminum coil. Aluminum strip has small width than aluminum coil, so the application is not as wide as aluminum coil, but the technical demand for aluminum strip is higher too. Therefore, when choosing aluminum strip supplier, we need pay more attention on the quality inspection.

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