China transformer aluminum strip 1060 O

China transformer aluminum strip manufacturer Haomei can supply high quality 0.2-0.4mm 1060 O aluminum strip for transformer winding without burr. The technical requirements on transformer aluminum strip are conductivity control technology, surface quality and end face quality control technology. Nowadays, the aluminum strip has replace copper strip popularized on transformers, the main reason is that the aluminum strip transformer can save cost compared with the copper strip transformer and has strong economy. The use of aluminum strip windings in the transformer has completely improved the sales price of the transformer and ensured the profit target of the transformer company.

china transformer aluminum strip

The edges of the transformer aluminum strip include edge cut quality and edge treatment as rounded corner or rounded edges. According to the shear theory, the deformation during the shearing process of the transformer aluminum strip can be divided into plastic deformation process and tear deformation process. During the plastic deformation process, the deformation zone is a uniform smooth surface, while in the tear deformation zone, the metal is expressed as a metal tearing, which is also the process of burr generation, the burrs generated during the shearing process are unidirectional vertical burrs. Therefore, the removal of the burr of aluminum strip for transformer should be based on the characteristics of the burr in the shearing, and the design of the process and equipment.


For the general requirements, the china transformer aluminum strip can control the strip burr after the strip shear by controlling the shear quality, and for the highly required transformer aluminum strip, in addition to the need to control the shear quality, but also need specialized processing for the edge.

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