3003 aluminum diamond plate supplier China

Haomei is a famous 3003 aluminum diamond plate supplier in China, the diamond pattern on the surface has bright and mill finish effect. The diamond aluminum plate is a non-slip aluminum tread plate. The pattern is similar to a compass, the range of use is similar to the five bars pattern aluminum tread plate. It is also used in vehicles, ships and mechanical platforms. It plays a non-slip effect, but the aluminum diamond plate is more in line with people’s aesthetic standards. Therefore, this pattern is often used as a raw material in international orders.

3003 aluminum tread plate

The aluminum grade of aluminum diamond plate are 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series can be processed, of which 1060-H114 series are commonly used materials, the 1060 aluminum diamond plate has low price, good processing performance, suitable for various machining such as bending, sheet metal, etc. And 3003 aluminum diamond plate is the most widely use type because it has high corrosion resistance, it can be applied in wet environment  like cold storage, truck body and so on.
Usually the aluminum diamond plate price is higher than the five bars aluminum plate, although the processing technology of the two type of aluminum tread plate is completely the same, but because the amount of the diamond aluminum plate is less, the profit cannot reach the five bars  aluminum tread plate, so the price is higher than the former by default, so it is recommended that if there is no hard regulation on the pattern, then you can choose five bars, which can reduce the material cost. 3003 aluminum diamond plate price is also higher than 1060 aluminum tread plate because it has higher performance.

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