3003 aluminum tread brite manufacturer

The 3003 aluminum tread brite refers to the aluminum tread plate with pattern on the surface processed from 3003 aluminium alloy. Its main feature is anti-skid and enhanced performance. The anti-skid aluminum tread plate is commonly used in stairs, floor decoration, refrigerated trucks, car bottom plates and non-slip floors. The 3003 aluminum tread plate produced by Haomei Aluminum has one rib, two ribs, three bars and five bars pattern type.

3003 aluminum tread brite

The aluminum-manganese alloy checkered plate is made of 3003 aluminum plate as the main raw material. The strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum plate. It has certain anti-rust performance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance are not very high. The features of 3003 aluminum tread brite are:

1, 3003 aluminum checkered plate has a wide range of uses, a wide range of applications, and is of medium strength;

2, this 3003 aluminum tread plate product has strong plasticity, easy forming, and good processing performance;

3, the 3003 aluminum checker plate produced by Haomei controls the impurity element Cu in the range of 0.%, which better guarantees its corrosion resistance;

4, The surface quality of aluminum tread brite 3003 is excellent, without waves, oil spots, roller marks and burrs, etc., and the trimming is neat.


When we are going to purchase 3003 aluminum tread brite, it is necessary to consider the pre-sale service and after-sale maintenance service. From the beginning of production to the original factory, a good patterned aluminum plate has to go through many stages of packaging, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking. The aluminum tread brite is inevitably damaged by air oxidation and scratches. If the aluminum tread plate manufacturer provides good service, the probability of occurrence of such a situation will be greatly reduced. Even if such a problem arises, high-quality aluminum checker plate manufacturers or distributors will show relative return service items to prevent customer damage.

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