China aluminum tread plate manufacturers

China aluminum tread plate manufacturers can produce aluminum tread plate sheet with different pattern and alloy. The aluminum tread plate supplied by Haomei China has strict quality inspection and the pattern is precise. After seeing the aluminum tread plate, there are beautiful pattern on the aluminum tread plate, how is this produced? In fact, the tread aluminum plate is processed by embossing equipment. For example, five bars aluminum tread plate and diamond aluminum plate. It can be said that the production process of the aluminum tread plate is closely related to the rolling mill. Both the aluminum plate and the aluminum checker plate are rolled by the rolling mill, so the quality of the aluminum checkered plate is also closely related to the quality of the rolling mill.

China aluminum tread plate manufacturers

For china aluminum tread plate manufacturers, the production process can be divided into two ways. One is the old-fashioned production equipment combined with various equipment processing. First, the aluminum plate is flattened, and then placed one by one in the embossing equipment for pressing. The advantage is that there is no requirement for quantity, but the disadvantage is that the pattern of each aluminum tread plate is different, and the production capacity is low. Another production process is continuous production, which is directly pressed on the roll by the reeling machine + embossing equipment, so that the pattern of the same batch of aluminum tread plates is completely consistent, the output is high, and the disadvantage is that the order quantity is large. Only 5-7 tons can be ordered, and the equipment investment cost is high.


After rolling, there will be various patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate. Of course, this has not yet been completed. China aluminum tread plate manufacturers needs to be cut, annealed, and flattened to be processed afterwards. After passing the inspection, it can be stored in the warehouse and waiting for delivery.

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