Aluminium Profile Cutting and Machining Center

Automatic profile handling feature & size recognition
Window machines manufactured by Ozgenc Makina are widely recognized in the global market because they are reliable, functional, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Compatible with all joinery and optimization programs
Ozgenc Makina made window and door manufacturing equipment meet all the present-day requirements and astonish the upvc window and door manufacturers with its unique working experience.

Technical specifications
• Compatible with all joinery and optimization programs.
• Milling unit enables processing on four surfaces of the profile.
• Profile vertical alignment system.
• Support system for special profiles.
• Moving clamping units can drive heavy profiles easily and increase process sensitivity.
• 12 milling units consisting of 2.2 kW each.
• Special clamping units completely surround the profile and prevents free movement of profile inside the machine.
• Capability to cut short profiles with movable output unit.
• Windows OS based control system with 21.5” screen.
• Automatic cooling system.
• Automatic profile length detection feature allows gripper to catch profile without wasting time.
• Profile gripper has 3 axes & 360° angular axis motion for capture any type of profiles.
• Top and horizontal saws with 3 axes 180° degree rotation movement.
• Top saw is Ø650 mm, back horizontal saw is Ø500/550 mm with belt transfer each.
• Ability to perform all kinds of facade notching operations on aluminum profiles.
• Milling units fixed with double rails, minimum vibration during the operation provides precise and clean results.
• Trouble shooting and service opportunity with remote connection.
• 6 profiles capacity feeding table.
• Unlimited profile memory capacity.
• All axes are controlled by servo motors.
• Working files generated by windows and doors design software can be transferred to machine over network / WIFI / USB.
• Label printing for every workpiece (including useful waste).
• Industry 4.0 compatible (processing speed, cutting reports etc.).
• Designing labels and barcodes as desired.
• Automatic lubrication system.
• Stainless machine surfaces preventing scratching of profiles.

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