Aluminium Spacer Bar Production Line

Aluminum Spacer Bar Production Line is advanced technology, superior performance, and high cost performance, production speed more 120 M/Min. Aluminum spacer has been widely used in energy-saving window and door. Our chopped wave type high frequency power supply has advantage in energy-saving and reliability, some company has adopted it.

Process flow: Uncoiler – loading – forming – high frequency welding – scraper – sizing – straightening – flying saw – lay off table.

Composition of production line: Uncoiler, tube mill, solid state high frequency welder, straightening and shaping machine, flying saw.

High frequency welder use chopped wave type high frequency power supply, welding speed 100-120 M/Min.

The requirement of aluminum spacer:

Wall thickness: Wall thickness must between 0.2-0.35mm, the maximum deviation is±0.025mm.

Curvature: Spacer should no hard bending and side bending (beside bending radian of free droop).

Appearance: Surface is flat and smooth, no bump, pore uniformity and orderliness.

This production line adopt advanced Inner Circlating Non-Water Cooling System,perfect cold roll-forming;reasonable Hole&Section design,which can saves materials better.

1 Product Description:

It can produce 0.116 ~ 0.35 mm thickness of aluminum sheet .The welding speed can be reach 140m/min,cutting length is 3~6 meters,the length can be set according customers exact request.

  1. Process

Uncoil→Feeding→ Rolling forming→High frequency welding→Scraper→Sizing→ Straightening →Flying saw cutting the material→Feeding station

Floor Space:17×2.5×2.5meter(LxWxH);One person operation;

2.1 Uncoil:

Adopts Four-claw tensioning device with brakes;Simple structure,easy operation;

2.2 Roll Forming :It is made up of 12 sets Precision gantry type rack;

2.3 High Frequency Welding is produced by high precision Aluminum casting machining center,easy to adjust,high precision;

2.4 Shape Forming:It is made up of 3 sets Precision gantry type rack;

2.5 3 Horizontal&3 Vertical which can be adjustable,easy usage and better to remove waves;

2.6 Flying Cutting Saw:It adopts 3.5KW servo motor,smooth track,high precision length cutting;

2.7 Unloading Rack:It is conveyor by conveyor belt specially,it can be deliveried to the aluminum spacer rack fast;

3 Structure Characters:

3.1 The production line is equipped with 1 set 11kw frequency control motor;

3.2 Adopts frequency speed control technology,high precision speed adjustment,smooth adjustment,low noise,less power loss,avoid not timing performance;

3.3 Shape Forming&Size forming is drived by 1 set motor,adopts synchronous gear belt&gear belt wheel,conveyor smooth,high precision,no noise;

3.4 High Frequency Welding is inner Circlating Non-Water Cooling,can packed after cutting;

3.5 The aluminum scrap is absorbed by air blower,keep clear&tide floor;

  1. 6 The advanced mould design,the aluminum sheet used is the min size in the same field;

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Final Aluminium spacer bar specification

Model (A)width of section (H) height of section length
6mm 5.5mm 6.5mm 5m
8mm 7.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
9mm 8.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
10mm 9.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
12mm 11.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
14mm 13.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
15mm 14.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
16mm 15.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
18mm 17.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
19mm 18.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
20mm 19.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
22mm 21.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
24mm 23.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
26mm 25.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
29mm 28.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m
32mm 31.5mm 6.5mm 5m,6m

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