Good Quality Ctp Printing Plate

Good quality ctp printing plate has been in use for a long time, it has also begun to spread in world. CTP plate together with PS plate are still the most widely used printing plate. In offset printing, plate making is the guarantee of printing quality. Only by guaranteeing the quality of the PS and CTP plate can the quality of the printed matter be guaranteed.

ctp printing

The original version refers to the film or sulfuric acid paper printed before printing, and its quality directly affects the production effect of the ctp plate. There are two important indicators of the original quality: in the sun chart, the points must have sufficient density, the single point density is above 3, the field density is above 3.5, and the transmission density of the blank area should be less than 0.05.

The center density of the dots is the same as the edge density, which can increase the tolerance of the exposure time. The original version is clean and there are no traces of dirt. It is best not to use a knife and collage tape to shoot the complete film to ensure that the film is closely combined with the CTP plate to avoid spots caused by light scattering. The base should be clean, thin, uniform in size, moderate in thickness, and moderate in depth. The photosensitive liquid is evenly coated, without bubbles and scars. Generally speaking, the average depth of the sand net is 5-7.5 m, and the average roughness is about 0.6 m.

The photosensitive coating of ctp printing is uniform and moderate in thickness, completely covering the raised peaks of the sand head, and not too thick, which will affect the resolution of the printing plate. The coating thickness of the ordinary CTP plate is about 1.8g/m2.

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