What Aluminum Alloy is Used for Soda Cans

What aluminum alloy is used for soda cans? As far as the composition of the can itself is concerned, it is mainly composed of three aluminum alloys. The cans is composed of can body, can lid/cap and can pulling ring.  The body and bottom of the can is made of 3004 aluminum alloy, the lid is made of 5182 aluminum alloy, and the pull ring is made of 5042 aluminum alloy.

what aluminum alloy is used for soda cans

Why aluminum alloy is used for soda cans? Because aluminum alloy forms an oxide film on the surface of aluminum in the air, that is, aluminum oxide Al2O3, which prevents aluminum from being oxidized even at the high temperature. Aluminum cans also have this oxide film on the surface, even if they are installed inside. There is liquid (the liquid can form a solution of aluminum and oxygen to accelerate the oxidation reaction), and it will not rust like iron. Although carbonated beverages contain carbonates, aluminum is not easy to react with them. 5182 aluminum sheet alloy  are used as the ring pull material for cans.


This is what aluminum alloy is used for soda cans. In addition, aluminum has strong plasticity. It can be easily transformed into alloys with different other metals. Aluminum’s hardness, plasticity and even memory are greatly improved. Aluminum cans have good memory, and generally do not deform when held in the hand. Food packaging mostly uses aluminum alloy for cans, because it is easy to process, easy to tear off, and has high plasticity. It can be said that it is a material with extremely wide uses. At the same time, the relative density of aluminum alloy is relatively small, and the quality of aluminum of the same volume is much smaller than that of iron. Of course, the lighter the can, the better, and it is more convenient for everyone to hold, aluminum alloy is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

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