Aluminium 6082 has A Great Future

As the development of technology is a new trend in society, aluminum processing industry is also marching towards high technology. Aluminum products have been applied in packaging, construction and other fields. Among all these best-sold products, aluminum 6082 is worthy of our attention. aluminum 6082 belongs to 6000 series aluminum alloy, and it has a pretty vast application.

aluminum 6082 belongs to Al-Mg-Si series, so the main contents are Al, Mg and Si. It contents 0.7% – 1.3% of Si, 0.5% of Fe, 0.1% of Cu, 0.4% – 1.0% of Mn , 0.6% – 1.2% of Mg, 0.25% of Cr, 0.2% of Zn, 0.1% of Ti, and the others in total is 0.15%, and the balance is Al. With all these contents, 6082 aluminum sheet has the following features, for example, middle strength, light in weight, etc. These features enables 6082 aluminum sheet is high suitable for ship building.

The main tempers of aluminum 6082 are Txx, including 6082-O, 6082-T6, 6082-T651 so on and so forth. Temper O is soft and it is suitable for industries that need curving and bending. And tempers T6 and T651 are suitable for industries that demand good processing-ability. 6082 thick plate in general industries need further processing, thus, it can be applied to automotive, railway transit, ship building, and many other industries. Nowadays, aluminum 6082 has created great profits to enterprises, at the same time, the processing of aluminum 6082 promoting the economic developing.

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