In order to ensure the excellent quality of the alloy 1050 aluminum circle, aluminium discs manufacturers usually set up special quality inspection. During the production of aluminum circles discs, the staff will also use professional tools to carefully inspect the quality of the aluminum circles. The accuracy of aluminum disc is a very important item among various quality inspection items. So, when you want to carry out effective accuracy inspection on high-quality 1050 aluminium circle, which aspects should the staff pay attention to in the process of inspecting?

alloy 1050 aluminum circle

  1. Pay attention to the use of intact measuring tools

Workers need to use professional measuring tools when inspecting aluminum discs. Since the alloy 1050 aluminum circle are very thin, any defect in the measuring tool will affect the measurement results to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to ensure accurate detection of the accuracy of 1050 aluminum circle, the staff must pay attention to protecting the measuring tools. Not only cannot the detection tools be stored near corrosive gases, nor can they be inspected by non-metering protection personnel. When it is disassembled, an intact measuring tool must be used to test the accuracy of the aluminium circle.


  1. Be careful to remove the burrs on the outside first

In the production line of 1050 aluminum circle, there are many production processes. After each process is completed, tools need to be used for quality inspection. When testing the accuracy of aluminum circles during the production process, if there is the presence of burrs on the surface of the aluminum wafer will affect the accuracy of the detection. In order to avoid affecting the quality of the aluminum wafer, the burrs on the surface of the alloy 1050 aluminum circle should be removed first, and then the quality will be tested.

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