Aluminium circle 1100 ho dc has good stamping, stretching, spinning and deep drawing performance, so it is widely used for making cookware and traffic signs. Aluminum discs have the advantages of light specific gravity, good thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, strong density, good strength and deep drawing ability, and are easy to carry out various deep processing, especially for various cookware and lamps. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, paying attention to the technical content of kitchen utensils, aluminum kitchen utensils are more conducive to the conduction of heat energy and energy saving, and light. Now aluminum alloy is an indispensable material for kitchens, lamps and other industries.

aluminium circle 1100 ho dc

At present, the aluminum circle produced is made of hot rolled coil as a blank, and the alloy grade are generally 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003. The conventional process of DC aluminium circle 1100 is: smelting, casting, rolling, uniformizing, annealing, sawing, milling, heating, hot rolling, cold rolling, punching, and finishing. Since the cast aluminum ingot has a large specification and a slow cooling rate, in order to solve the segregation problem, it is necessary to perform high-temperature long-time uniform annealing. Before the hot rolling, it is necessary to uniformly raise the ingot to about 500 °C again, and then start hot rolling. In addition, the finished product is annealed after the punching, and the subsequent packaging requires inspection, stacking and packaging. DC aluminium circle, especially a method of producing aluminum wafers by casting and rolling, the method uses the casting and rolling method instead of the hot rolling method to produce aluminum discs, and obtains refined crystal grains and ideal mechanical properties by differential temperature annealing. The method is simple, and while obtaining the same surface quality and mechanical properties, the production cost will be greatly reduced, the production process will be simplified, and the production cycle of aluminium circle 1100 ho dc will be shortened.