Aluminum circle disc advantages

Aluminum circle disc products can be seen everywhere in our lives, for example, the cookware we use every day, the lamp cover at home and traffic signs on roads. We can say that the application of aluminum discs products is numerous, and many industries will use it, even aerospace equipment and some sophisticated electronic instruments. When it comes to aluminum wafers, only from the name we can see that it is a specially processed aluminum material. What characteristics and advantages does aluminum circle disc have?

aluminum circle disc

1, there is a sense of metal, when aluminum circle sheet is used for decoration, it affect higher quality, compared to the surface covered by paint, aluminum is more environmentally friendly.

2, the surface without paint, it is fire resistance, it will not produce toxic gases, it does not burn at high temperature.

3, with excellent plasticity, easy to bend, convenient for direct processing, no longer complex surface treatment, so the cycle of manufacturing products is short, the cost is low, it is widely used in decoration.

4, oxidation resistance, it will not change color after long-term use, it will not rust, thick aluminum circle disc can be exposed to strong light for a long time without color change.

5, easy to clean, if the surface of the stain, you can directly wash without leave spots.

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