Haomei is one of the aluminum circle manufacturing companies based in China who is specialized in aluminum discs for cookware and road signs. Whether the raw materials used by aluminum circle manufacturers contain impurities and the production technology have a great impact on the finished product. This not only affects the hardness of the finished aluminum circle, but also shows  very big gap on the service life and performance. Aluminum circle manufacturer with reliable quality and price have strict control standards on raw materials, and at the same time benefit from mature production technology to bring customers satisfactory product quality.

aluminum circle manufacturing companies

The aluminum circle for cookware are usually used for deep drawing, the deep drawing process is mainly done by means of the mold on the hydraulic press. The production mold basically has two kinds of concave mold and convex mold, which may be called static mold and movable mold. The process of deep drawing deformation is to force the material to pull down in the concave die through the downward pressure of the convex die, gradually forming the embryonic shape of the cookware. The selection of molds meets the requirements of wear resistance, strength and toughness, non-prominent fatigue and fracture function, better tempering resistance, heat and cold fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance.


As one of the aluminum circle manufacturing companies in China, the aluminum circle production line of Haomei Aluminium starts from the unwinding of the coil until the entire roll of material is completely blanked without manual contact with any materials. There is no need for slitting and cross-cutting of the aluminum coil, which reduces the production process, reduces the production cost, and reduces the possibility of damaging the surface of the coil. Using modular mold design, when converting wafer production specifications, the conversion time can be effectively reduced.

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