Aluminum circle for lampshade has good heat spread, the alloy are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003, the aluminum lamp shade is easy to install and replace. Usually, the aluminum circle need good spinning and stretching performance, the thickness is 0.4-5mm, the diameter is 20-1200mm. The outer casing of the lamp can be made of plastic, iron or aluminum, but most of the lamps shades are made of aluminum. Because the lighting generates heat during working for a long time, the temperature rises, which will seriously affect its light efficiency and life, and even dead lights. The heat dissipation of aluminum lamp shade is better, and the generated heat can be well distributed to the surrounding environment.

aluminum circle for lampshades

As a daily consumable, with the advancement of society, the lamps have undergone earth-shaking evolution, and all move toward more energy-saving, greener and environmentally friendly. In addition to being able to illuminate, the lamps also have a certain decorative effect. Different shell materials have different style effects. For example, the outer casing of the lamp made of aluminum circle material is inseparable from the characteristics of the aluminum circles:
1, The specific gravity of aluminum circle is only one-third of the stainless steel, which can greatly reduce the
2, The aluminum circle has high plasticity, is easy to be stamped, and the oxide film is not bent.
3, The aluminum lamp shade can be recycled, which will reduce waste and protect the environment.

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