Quality standard of aluminum circle are about the thickness accuracy, diameter accuracy, surface quality and edge burr quality. Aluminum circles are lightweight and beautiful in appearance, so they are often used in many industrial materials such as cookware and traffic signs. In order to make the produced products more beautiful and have better characteristics, these companies will purchase from aluminum circle manufacturers whose quality is trustworthy. So, how should you judge whether the quality of aluminum circles is reliable when purchasing?

quality standard of aluminum circle

1, Observe the color of the aluminum circle product

The color of aluminum metal is silver-white and has a high light reflectivity. If the raw material used by the aluminum circle manufacturer is an aluminum ingot with high purity, the aluminum wafer produced will inherit the color characteristics of aluminum metal. Not only has a strong reflected light on the surface, but also very beautiful silver-white. Therefore, when you judge the quality standard of aluminum circles, you can observe the surface color. If the surface color is dim, it means that the aluminum ingot used to produce the product is not pure enough.

2, Observe the surface condition

Reputable aluminum circle manufacturers use advanced process technology when producing aluminum discs, so the surface of the aluminum circle products produced is very delicate and smooth. The surface usually does not show uneven colors, and there will be no pits and pits. Therefore, you can also judge whether the quality standard of aluminum circle is reliable by carefully observing the condition of the product surface.

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