The advantages of aluminum circle for cookware

All the physical and chemical properties of the aluminum alloy are retained by the cookware made of aluminum circle during production process. Because aluminum alloy has soft texture which can achieve large extension, making cooking utensils can achieve a variety of shapes and styles change transformation. After forming, the surface of the product is uniform, without wire drawing, pad printing and scratching, and the dimensional accuracy meets the requirements of size.

aluminm circle

Process performance advantages of aluminum circle in the cookware manufacturing, we will learn from the aspects of forgeability, machinability, anti corrosion and so on. The malleability of Aluminum alloys also refers to the ductility of Aluminum alloys. It can be drawn two times in the drawing process of the cookware,which directly explain the special characteristics of the aluminum in the forging property. Machinability and grindability are the advantages of aluminum alloy in cookware manufacture from two different processing methods. Through continuous cutting and grinding, the aluminum circle surface become uniform particles, smooth and gloss, no wire drawing, pad printing, scratches and so on. The cooking utensils thus obtained excellent work-ship and full of beauty. If addition of manganese alloy elements in the aluminum metal, the cookware product has excellent antirust property, and its formability, solubility and corrosion resistance are all good.

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