Aluminum foil tape offers extreme temperature versatility

The industrial adhesive aluminum foil tape is composed of high tensile strength aluminum foil backing,high performance synthetic rubber-resin adhesive and silicone release paper.

Aluminum foil tape offers extreme temperature versatility,it works in temperatures ranging from 248°F to -22°F and can be applied in temperatures ranging from 14°F to 104°F. Most tapes do not perform well in cold temperatures. Severe cold hardens the adhesive and diminishes sticking power of the tape. If you are applying the tape under cold conditions, it may not stick at all. Conversely, excessive heat can melt the adhesive on some tapes, rendering it useless.

It is easy to know the features of aluminum foil tape:

1,Excellent heat and light reflection capability for its aluminum foil backing

2,For theri strong adhesion,foil tapes will offer reliable and stable jointing and seaming for fiberglass blankets,ect.

3,A kind of vapor barrier tape for low moisture vapor transmission rate

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