What should pay attention to use aluminium foil tape

Aluminium foil tape purity higher than 99.95%, its function to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), isolated electromagnetic waves on the human body damage, to avoid the need for voltage and current and affect the function.

A range of aluminium foil tape including high performance 3M aluminium tapes and low cost general purpose tapes.

Aluminium foil tape has a good effect after electrostatic discharge to the ground.

Aluminum foil tape material for the multi-ester fiber, after repeated or repeated bending are less prone to cracks and damage.

Aluminium foil tape adhesive strength, good electrical conductivity, aluminum foil tape can be easily wrapped on the wire.

Our range of aluminium foil tapes is designed to cover all key application areas where high temperature resistance and electrical or thermal conductivity are required. Applications include insulation and duct sealing in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market and electromagnetic protection in the electronic industry.

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